What To Do About Death

So the other day I was waiting at Starbucks for a client. I was early and he was late so I decided to read a book that was in my bag. The book is called Yell-oh Girls! and is a collection of stories and poems about young women’s experiences of being an Asian American. I’m reading it to try and better understand and be accepted by my girlfriend’s parents.

Anyway, the story, The Procession by Caroline Fan, I was reading at the coffee shop was about this girl who went to Taiwan to see her family. She was in a car with her relatives when a beautifully decorated car exploding with colors and flowers drove past. She grew up in America all her life and had no clue what it was. When she asked, her family told her that it was a Taiwanese hearse.

She hated the concept of a carrier of death being beautiful. She wanted the package to be is dark and mournful as her heart when someone close to her passes away. That concept of how you should act, dress, and react to a funeral made me start thinking. It reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Harold and Maude.

One of the main characters of the movie went to funerals as a hobby and always dressed in brightly colored outfits. Though I wouldn’t go to a funeral of someone I don’t know, I did like the concept of going to a funeral with the idea of celebrating the person instead of mourning for them.

Yes, its sad that you won’t see the person again, but why celebrate that? Embrace the loss and then cherish the time we had with that person. They made a beautiful foot print, no matter how small, on this world and we should say rock on for that.

So please, when I die, if you are invited to my funeral, please dress up in greens, yellows, and blues. Walk in celebrating my achievements and who I was. Hopefully you can even say:

“Man, he did what he was born to do. He lived a beautiful life and I hope I can do the same. We’ll miss him but we’re happy that he reached the end.

Its like in a race. Do you get sad at finishing it? No. You go out for pizza to celebrate. I want my funeral to be the same.

For my drawing

Now, for my drawing. I decided to draw an emo cartoon that is kind of based on Harold. Then I gave him a giant flower instead of an umbrella to say that he needs to cheer up and see the hope in what is in front of him. As always, I hope you like.

kid at funeral holding flower umbrella

2 thoughts on “What To Do About Death

  1. can i wear my overalls to your funeral?!

  2. As long as they are bright yellow. Hehe.

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