Violent Santa

While brainstorming ideas in the shower yesterday for Art Morning, I thought of the holidays. Of course with my always-dreaming-about-war imagination that never left grade school, I thought of which holiday would win in a fight. I was kind of thinking about the different holiday towns from the Nightmare Before Christmas going at each other. It definitely dissappointed me to never see what Easter Town or Thanksgiving Town looked like in that movie.

Nevertheless, I decided to make the most recent holidays start a rumble in the tundra (I know that doesn’t rhyme…so sue me). I wanted a pissed off Santa (which the idea of really appeals to me for some reason) to be petted off against a ferocious turkey monster that would remind of the evil bird in Rudolph’s Shiny New Year. Once I drew the picture, the Santa reminded me of the Weird Al song, The Night Santa Went Crazy. It’s a phenomenal song that reminds me of great conversations I had with my friend, Tyler, while going home from middle school.

Happy Holidays everyone! :)

Santa with a shotgun fighting turkey

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