Toy Money

So two weekends ago (yeah I’ve had this idea for a while), I went to CityWalk at Universal Studios to walk around and hang out with a friend that came down from Bakersfield. One of the stores we went to was a candy store that sold candy money.

The candy reminded me of all the toy money that I had growing up. I had some plastic money, Monopoly money, gum wrappers pretending to be money, rocks, bottle caps, and more. For some reason, I loved currency as a kid. It felt like power. The more I possessed, the greater rule I had over my small dominion on the playground. This childhood feeling must be a predecessor of adult greed.

Well, anyway, I saw the money and thought of the simple visual pun where an adult deer would be on the face of a one dollar bill. I was surprised that I had never seen that done before. It seems like something you would see plastered all over Google Images if you typed “buck.” It wasn’t, so I’m going to claim this idea my own. No matter how simple of a discovery it is, I stake my flag in it anyway. I like the feeling of being like the first man on the moon. Maybe this feeling is connected to my early need for money. :)

Anyway, I decided to give the buck a plaid background to increase the complexity of the bill. Last year I was looking at different bill designs and a huge need for them is complexity…mainly to prevent counterfeiting. I then saw plaid and deer and then thought of hunting. Hope you enjoy the first bill of the NRA. :)

dollar bill with the face of a deer

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