T is for Tony

T is for Tony. Yeah, it’s not the most witty way to use the letter T for a drop cap but the sentence really does describe this post. I really wanted to make a drop cap today but couldn’t remember which letter I was on. So, I let my roommate, Tony, decide my blog’s fate. I asked him what was his favorite letter was and he said the letter T. His lame reason was because his name starts with the letter T. I wonder if a lot of people’s favorite letter is their initial.

As for the style of the drop cap, I knew what I was going for no matter what Tony had picked. I read the article, Typed, by Dr. Shelley Gruendler from the July 2011 How Magazine and was inspired by the turquoise clockwork lines scattered through its pages. It reminded me of the weird robot guy from Hellboy and the antique pocket watch I got from my girlfriend.

The steam punk gears and tinkerings make me so happy. The brass doodads and thingamajigs are so beautifully and randomly placed to make works of art. I just had to try and make my own letter out of the style.

mechanical letter T

2 thoughts on “T is for Tony

  1. 1. love all the doodads and thingamajigs. the watch gears look great! this is probably one of my favorite drop caps of yours.

    2. i love turquoise :)

    3. my favorite letter is not “k”… it’s either lower case “e” or upper case “N” or maybe “q”… i have too many favorites!

  2. My favorite letter is not “s” either. It’s the letter “y.” Mmmm.

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