It’s a joke…Ahhhhh

Yesterday I went to a community art gathering to just make random stuff. My first goal was to create a Chinese water color painting, which I posted yesterday, but the problem with those kinds of works is that they have a lot of waiting time. Water color paintings are all about layers and the bottom layers that are meant to recede into the background are always lighter which then means a lot of water. My favorite part about Chinese paintings is the solid black more graphic pieces, like the foreground and poem, but I have to wait till the end to do them.

So while I waited, I decided to make a type piece because I love doing those pieces too. I asked the people around me what I should write and I got a lot of bad puns and old sayings like “in a while crocodile.” I ended up with a bad joke I had never heard of. It took me a second to understand it, but I made a chuckle when I did.

The joke actually reminded me of one of my few readers, Cal. He loves bad jokes so he’ll definitely appreciate this drawing. I even titled this post off of something he would always say to. When reading the title out loud, be sure to say it deep with your throat. :)

I added the pastels and diamond pattern because I think of Alice in Wonderland when I think of rabbits. That story is pretty awesome but how it really shines is its immense art capabilities. The art in the original book was beautiful to begin with but its free forming enough that people can make it in so many ways.

The typeface itself was meant to symbolize rabbits’ floppy ears. I think it came out looking almost like Hebrew characters. Jessica Hische was more successful at making a typeface that was based on Hebrew letters (though she was actually trying to do so).

Nevertheless, I’m pretty happy how it came out with not putting too much work into it.

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