So I slightly got into anime and comic books again. Last week, I spent an hour and a half of my free time playing one of my roommate’s video game: Final Fantasy 13. The graphics are utterly amazing and beautiful and the music rocks too. The game itself kinda sucks (probably to my benefit) because for every boring battle you get a 10-minute movie. Sometimes you just want to do some robot cat killing, you know?

My roommates and I then played some Street Fighter last night while I waited for Kristina to fly in from Canada.

Watching these anime characters with their elaborate costumes and muscles on top of muscles make your mouth drop. They are almost like the perfect iterations of man that we are all striving for. We can tear plane wings off with a punch, land on our feet after jumping off 100-story buildings, and shoot blue fireballs out of our hands. Oh and did I forget that you can do all of these things without messing up your hair. They are amazing!

But no matter how awesome they are, they really are caricatures. Their illustrators invented muscles for them and created torsos and necks that would collapse on the weight of their boobs. Yes, these heroes are magnificent, but they are sooo fake and exaggerated.

My one roommate, Longdy, loves them though. He almost wants to be Ryu shooting hadoukens at people. He grew up with G.I. Joes teaching you that anyone could be 2 ton gladiators with a little bit of work and knowing stuff (cuz knowing is half the battle).

Anyway, I seem to always draw my roommates and friends as super heroes/anime characters and my new ones aren’t any different. Today I drew Longdy as an exaggerated (though he would say its very accurate) bow and arrow wielding hunter dude. I don’t usually draw bows and arrows because I think they are kinda sissy and they are hard to draw. You need a lot of perspective to draw them correctly. I’m quite proud of how it turned out.

shirtless Cambodian aiming a bow and arrow

2 thoughts on “Exaggerations

  1. bows and arrows aren’t sissy! maybe this one is because it’s sparkly…hehe. jk… nice perspective!

  2. For some reason, maybe it’s the eyebrows, but the face/head kind of reminds me of Gaston.

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