Rock ’em Sock ’em

Do you love robots entering a colosseum only to bash their brains in? Does your mouth water when you see a new, exciting typeface? If you said yes, be excited for Font-Bot! Continue reading

T is for Tony

After reading an article, I was inspired to make a steam punk drop cap. Instead of using the letter that’s next on my list, I decided to have my roommate pick. If I had asked you, what would you have said? Continue reading

It’s a joke…Ahhhhh

I made a typographic design based off of a joke my friend told me. Its pretty funny…especially if you like rabbits like me. :) Continue reading

Something Simple

Some days I just want to make some simple typography. Hope you like this little piece based on a sweet Styx song. Continue reading

Christian Designers

They’re far and few between but I found one today. It was awesome talking to a guy who really cared about finding God in his design. He’s so inspirational. Continue reading

Tech Meets Classical

After failing to design a dropcap yesterday, I tried to do it again today and succeeded with Gestalt. Continue reading

Speech Impediment

Growing up I had a difficulty speaking. I was born with my tongue not fully detached from the roof of my mouth and when I finally had surgery to fix this problem, I wasn’t prepared to talk properly. After years of speech classes; however, I am now able to talk normally. I do though have some relapses every once in a while. Continue reading

What Shall I Do Today?

I had a few entry ideas today but not floated my boat. Hope you like what I eventually came up with. Continue reading

Happy Waitangi Day!

Celebrate New Zealand Day with me! Continue reading

The Joy of Going to Church

Obviously everyone with their own religious beliefs are full of opinions on Church. I actually enjoy it a lot. Well, most of the time… Continue reading