Visual Overload

Ever watch so much TV or see so many pictures in a gallery that your brain goes blank. Its like your brain is fried with awesomeness. I felt that way when I went to the LACMA yesterday. Continue reading


Trying to come up with a new drop cap, I noticed the beauty of a now popular pattern that was once only worn by Paul Bunyan. Continue reading


To balance the yin and the yang of yesterday’s post on simplicity, I decided to make a post today on complexity. See what I made. Continue reading

Save Me From The Trolls!

Did you know that I am part Swede? Well, I am. With that bloodline, comes a couple of traditions, including the oldest daughter serving breakfast in December wearing a funny costume, eating a lot of pastries, and having a Dala horse in their house. Well, today, I made pattern to celebrate all of that. Continue reading

Apple Training

Wanting to experiment with Photoshop and learn how to create custom abstract patterns, I played around with a tutorial on how to make a Mac-like desktop background. Continue reading