First Step

Trying to cure a case of the downers, my girlfriend sent me some inspirational quotes that inspired a design. Continue reading

Art Morning

This morning I went to a community art gathering where a group of us came together to work on various projects. I took it as an opportune time to make a new post. Continue reading

Old Friends

Its been a while since I painted with water color so I decided to take a whack at it again. All it did was show how impatient I am and how much I missed my friends. Continue reading

Not One of My Greatest Works

Every work a designer or artist creates, no matter how crappy, is beneficial. They either act as a heavy hitter in their portfolio or act as a vehicle for some new project that far surpasses it. Today’s sketch is the latter. Continue reading

House Decoration

Wanting to give my bathroom a little flair without spending anything, I decided to paint a small little scene that would match the beautiful colors of my bathroom: black, white, and yellow. Continue reading

What Painting is Now

What do you when you are stressed out? Eat ice cream, punch walls, exercise, throw watermelon off roofs, or bottle it in? I found out tonight that I like to paint. Continue reading

Respecting Our Elders

I wonder why skate board designers haven’t used more Chinese paintings in their designs. They are beautiful and are formatted so perfectly for skate boards. Heck, Chinese elements are scattered around our culture already, why not celebrate where those elements came from. Continue reading

White People Suck!

Before thinking I’m a total racist jerk against my own ethnicity, read the post that explains one reason why white people make the world a little more difficult place. Continue reading

Some New Friends

Trying out some new Chinese Watercolor tools that I got for my birthday, I painted a popular Chinese symbol for divinity, enlightenment, and good luck. Its a beautiful symbol and I was aiming to paint the feelings of freedom that it generates. Continue reading

Ribbit! Ribbit!

Why is the frog Saint Valentine’s mascot? I’m not sure. I don’t think it should but I still think its one of my favorite animals. Continue reading