Violent Santa

To get in the spirit of the holidays, let me share with you a Christmas tradition I have: I daydream about Santa going on one violent rampage in the north pole! Continue reading

Rock ’em Sock ’em

Do you love robots entering a colosseum only to bash their brains in? Does your mouth water when you see a new, exciting typeface? If you said yes, be excited for Font-Bot! Continue reading

A Tribute to a Wonderful Thing

One of my favorite websites stopped posting last month and I want to celebrate all the smiles it gave me. Continue reading


All you have to do is watch 5 minutes of a kids cartoon to see how exaggerated cartoons are of our favorite characters. Today is a celebration of the ripped-ness of these guys. Continue reading

What To Do About Death

After reading a short story about hearses in Taiwan, I started thinking about death. Don’t worry, though, this post is not a downer. :) Continue reading


After being inspired by Tim Burton’s number monsters, I decided to make my own personified numeral. Continue reading


There is a trendy art subject going around the internet and today I joined into the fad. For the record, its only because my girlfriend told me to. Continue reading

I Want to Look Like Him

Is it sad that I think a drawing of me is cooler than the real thing? How about you be the judge. Continue reading

The Great Escape

You see a lot of non-representational artwork in modern art. Many in the general public think its a joke because its supposedly so easy to make. I would argue that non-representational artwork may be the most challenging because its so counter our normal way of thinking. Continue reading

Jan Etor

Ever feel like you’re in a rut? What do you do in those times? Today I was feeling that way and I decided to doodle. Continue reading