Product Placement

Today’s post is more of a commercial than a journal entry. Please read it anyway. :) Continue reading

The Sad & Lonely

The last iteration of Under the Bleachers is a sad paradox: funny title but sad context. Hopefully some day we can all love the social outcasts. Continue reading

New Twist Under the Bleachers

Another attempt at the fictitious book, Under the Bleachers, I created a teen fiction version of Scooby-Doo. Continue reading

The Underdog

Do you get almost tired of all the underdog stories that we read and watch? Even though they are always inspiring and make you want to go out and fulfill all your dreams come true, they do get repetitive at times. Today, I added to the repetition and made a book cover for yet another underdog story. Continue reading

Where’s the Yellow?

Part two of the Yellow River series, here is another version of the same book cover I made yesterday. Continue reading

Yellow River

Today, I created a book cover for a fictional book that explores the depths of ancient China. Continue reading