A Tribute to a Wonderful Thing

It has been much longer than I would have hoped to say this but I must announce a horrendous event. The wonderful web site that would daily educate and entertain me is gone for what seems like forever. Yes, Learn Something New Everyday is officially over. The creators decided to end the wonderful site, which would post a cute drawing describing a random factoid every day, this past August. I meant to make this post early September but couldn’t devise a good factoid for it. Today I found the Amazing Fact Generator to help me come up with a good one.

For almost a year, I would daily visit the site for about 30 seconds to read the random facts. I would occasionally know the fact already but usually I learned something new. And even if I knew the fact already, I would be graced with the funny cartoons that came with the factoid. This is why today I made my own factoid in the style of LSNED. During the last month of its existence, they had guest artists draw the daily factoid, which many were truly amazing, but I wanted this drawing to celebrate the artist behind LSNED.

If nothing else, I hope this post teaches more people about the cool British website that educated me for a year.

In 2008, 58% of british teens thought Sherlock Holmes was a real person

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  1. Learn Something New Everyday will surely be missed.

    …and wait a second… Sherlock Holmes ISN’T real? hehe :)

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