I Want to Look Like Him

Is it sad that I think a drawing of me is cooler than the real thing? How about you be the judge. Continue reading

Speech Impediment

Growing up I had a difficulty speaking. I was born with my tongue not fully detached from the roof of my mouth and when I finally had surgery to fix this problem, I wasn’t prepared to talk properly. After years of speech classes; however, I am now able to talk normally. I do though have some relapses every once in a while. Continue reading

Gotta Catch’em All

If you grew up with a Gameboy, you most doubtedly had a cartridge of Pokemon. It was a phenomenal game with one addicting marketing plan. Continue reading

Stoner Mind

How do you feel after a long day with waking up early? I felt like robots were ripping out of my head to transform the world into a 1984-like city of cement and steel. Continue reading