Waiting at the DMV

Ever people watch? How about people draw? I sort of invented it today. Its a mix between life drawing, people watching, and being a ninja. :) Today I tried to people draw at the DMV and found that its kind of hard. Continue reading

Resume Exploration

Making resumes is an art. You have to be professional, creative, reserved, and unique. So I guess its hard too. Well, today, after seeing so many friends starting to make resumes, I decided to try and make one myself. Continue reading

BEWARE! Koala Wolverine!

Ever travel to new worlds while drawing? I have. I begin in front of a piece of paper, pencil in hand, and next thing I know, I’m drawing something else I would have never thought other wise. Continue reading


To balance the yin and the yang of yesterday’s post on simplicity, I decided to make a post today on complexity. See what I made. Continue reading


There will always be a time for a design that needs to be busy, detailed, and ellaborate but sometimes you just need something simple. Today’s drop cap is one of those times. Continue reading


After reading a customized license plate that I could not decipher, I decided to write a comic strip about the game of decoding these secret messages. Continue reading


Remember that younger version of yourself that drove people nuts? Yeah, we were all little pests when we were kids. Well, those kids made us who we are today and for that, they deserve to be saluted. Continue reading

Emo Album

Emo: the culture of junior highers and high schoolers who take the flag of depression, melancholy, and tight pants. Most songs under that name talk about slitting wrists and drugs after being broken up by their girlfriend. This culture is filled with both pity and mockery from the outside world. Continue reading

L is for Cool

Do you have a favorite letter? I’m not sure if I do but if I do, it may be the uppercase L. I’m not sure but its just the essence of cool. Continue reading

Wet Nap to the Rescue!

As a kid, what super power did you dream of having? Was it original? I think I have heard a super power more unique and imaginative than anything you could come up with. Want to know what it is? Continue reading